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Formalist: Progressive Design Linter

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Formalist: Progressive Design Linter

0 ratings

What is Formalist?

It's a plugin that looks for common mistakes in Figma layouts and hepls quickly fix them in a couple of clicks. The idea behind it is simple, and based on what software engineers call a linter: The plugin runs through a list of rules, checking the Figma file for errors. If the designer has, for example, forgotten to name layers, use Figma styles, or fractional coordinates, the plugin will hunt them, find them, and help fix them.

In case there is a need to implement the rules that are not a part of the plugin:

We can develop a personalized version of Formalist meeting these standards. Let us know if we can add custom checks for your needs: write a letter to support@formalistplugin.com. Note: you should subscribe «Pro»‎ or «Organisation»‎ plan to get this feature.

Why is it an essential tool?

Clear and consistent designs are crucial for development and effective teamwork. To find and fix any issues you no longer need to waste your own time manually checking the layout — with Formalist this process is completely automated.

Formalist is a plugin that saves time&money. You receive:

  • 3-10 hours held every month
  • Unlimited files, checks&scans
  • Dedicated customer support
  • All upcoming plugin updates


To users that want to make clean designs

  • 1 user
  • 10 checks
  • No custom checks

For the team to keep designs consistent

  • 2-6 users
  • Up to 15 checks
  • Custom checks

For the company to be organized and optimized

  • 6-20 users
  • Unlimited checks
  • Custom checks


Feel free to contact us by email: @aprilworkteam@gmail.com

→ Find out more about the Formalist plugin on the
Figma Community page

→ Please have a look at our upcoming updates in the public backlog

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